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Saints Row is preparing to become a hellish experience for long -term fans and for newcomers to the series. The adaptation options that we have seen so far offer the players a lot of things in which they can immerse yourself, from the cladding of RPGs in guitar cases, the attracting bizarre outfits or pimping their vehicle from the crazy vehicle list that is available. It is no surprise that this adaptation is also littered with many adaptation options and details to optimize Saints HQ in the entire operating base of the player.

Saints Row enables the players to design the game world as they think it is right, starting with the Saints headquarters. You can equip the walls with all the weapons you have collected in your escapades, set up the most unsightly statues on the site, dress your crew in stylish outfits and plan the rule over Saint Ileso. There are a lot of adjustments with which you can continue.

Let us dive deeper into the one adaptation options and details for Saints Row HQ that we have.

SAINTS ROW Districts of Santo Ileso

Saints Row Saints HQ adjustment and details

The Saints Row Saints HQ is the basis for players where You can adapt your gun chamber, clothing and cloakroom, garage and vehicles and decorate the old church.

The headquarters of Saints Row initially seem to be nothing more than a dilapidated, dilapidated, old church. However, if you get up and win at power and where you will be able to expand this church and build it up, finally transform them into a breathtaking piece of architecture in which you can carry out all your criminal activities.

In the Saints Row Saints headquarters, you also have access to your weapon chamber, where you can artistically exhibit all your weapons on the walls or simply select which weapons you want to take with you to Santo Ileso. Players can also use the cloakroom function in the Saints headquarters. At the moment we are not sure to what extent this will differ from the use of the phone to move. However, it was confirmed that you can save outfit presets in the cloakroom.

The headquarters of Saints Row and all the various adaptation options do not end here, since they also have access to a garage in which their saint can equip his vehicles before raging around in Santo Ileso. Here you can choose which vehicle skills you want to use, change your alloys or get a new paint. The only disadvantage of the garage at Saints Row’s headquarters is that you can only use parts you have already bought from Jim Rob’s. This means that the garage does not work as a replacement for Jim Robs, since it is still heavily dependent on it when it comes to new vehicle parts.

There will be pedestals around the Saints Row headquarters that look a little out of place. This is because the players can actually place huge statue -like collectibles on it to beautify the headquarters and bring them to life. There seems to be a wide range of collectors that ranges from a man with a wrench to a huge fire -breathing tree. It is not confirmed how you get these collectibles, but as the name suggests, you will most likely find them scattered in the game world, hide and wait to be picked up.

The Saints Row headquarters is not the only thing you can adapt, you can also dress your crew as you wish. Do you want a bunch of bad guys in a suit and boots, how about a few masked crooks? You can bet on it. You can not only dress the crew at will, but also adjust and select the vehicles in which your crew members drive through Santo Ileso.

The last thing that was shown before the publication is the second floor of the headquarters. Here you can access the table of the criminal empire, which is also known as a war card of the saints. With the help of this card you can choose which parts of the city you want to take over by criminal ventures. There are a total of 14 different places that you can conquer. Although not much adaptation happens here, a lot of player selection comes into play and how you want to tackle the conquest of the city.

This is all about the details and adjustments of the Saints Row Saint HQ. As soon as more is revealed, this guide is updated. We have to praise Saints Row to comprise diversity, especially when it comes to the fact that the entire game from Saints headquarters to the Saints-Row character manufacturer is as comprehensive as possible.

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