Alien: Covenant reveals a much more violent scene than the officer

Alient: Covenant is the latest film of the popular terror saga and science fiction of Ridley Scott . The tape, directed by himself and premiered in 2017, is a Sequel de Prometheus (2012) and is ambient on a planet that showed signs of being a paradise, although what he really hides is much darker and scary of What the Covenant ship crew thought.

  • NOTICE : The next scene, terror saga well terror saga its description, contains _ spoilers _ of the movie. You can see it at the header on this news .

In this unpublished version of the scene in which both Ricks (Jussie Smollet) and Upworth (Callie Hernández) lose life at the hands of the Xenomorph, the sequence lterror sagats a little more than in the official scene – in which neither We even see how Upworht dies- and death is, without a doubt, more explicit and violent .

The future of Alien: Series, Movies and Video Games

The Alien series directed by Ridley Scott himself and written by Noah Hawley (Fargo, Bones, Legion…) plans to be premiered at 2023 and hterror saga lovers of the franchise in Vilo. It will be settled on Earth in the future (time and places to be determined) and large corporations and their ambitious plans will have great prominence.

Alien Covenant - Engineer Scene (Extended Remix)

There is also a new film on the horizon with Fede Álvarez, responsible for not breathing and the Remake of Infernal Possession, at the forefront of the direction (Scott will be in command of production). To date, you have barely shared details related to history, setting, distribution or possible premiere window.

With regard to videogames, there are currently no news about new projects. The latest appearances of the SAGA took place at the FPS cooperative Aliens: Fireteams Elite and the Port of the acclaimed Alien Isollation for Android and iOS devices, which wterror saga launched lterror sagat December.

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