Do you use the lightsaber at one or two blades in Jedi: Fallen order

During the call of Cal, he rebuilds the laser sword of his old master in jedi: Fallen Order, giving him access to a double-blade laser sword. You can quickly switch between the two positions, giving you a different approach to the fight. The two sword styles have their uses, and their understanding is essential to survive the game.

For those who are still at the beginning of the game, here’s how you take the double-blade laser sword at the beginning of the match.

The laser sword you turn on depends on the situation. Are you surrounded by several stormtroopers or enemies, pulling you on? You’d better get out your double blade sword and ready to leave. Your attacks will not do as much damage as your blade, but you will hit several other enemies at a time. This helps to erase the numbers, which gives you a better advantage to refine the group. In addition, if you can touch several enemies, you will prevent them from attacking or doing anything.

From now on, when you are only one target, you want to restrain and return to a single blade. You can do a lot more damage to the unique target with your blade. You do not have to worry about hitting wildly around Cal and you are not focused on speed. You want your shots to count every time you swing your blade, and the simple sword does.

The quick switching between the two styles is also essential. When you want to remove the double blade, you must press the direction of the directional keypad and, to return to a single blade, you must press the pavement on the left. You do not have to swing your blade to switch between the two and make sure you are at a decent distance from your targets before changing.

STAR WARS Jedi Fallen Order - How to Get the Double Bladed Lightsaber Location Guide

When you fight against a boss, you certainly want the only blade to come out for a good majority of the meeting. A decent strategy, if you can get it, is to stagger the target with a parade, then trigger several times on the double blade, and just before the block counter drops, go to the simple to do the most. damage when they chancel. While recovering, they are vulnerable to the damage you are undergoing, and the double blade has made the majority of work to eradicate their block counter.

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