Elden Ring: From Software Facing Let Me Only Her and adds an absurd improvement to Malenia

The players of Elden Ring could not miss the phenomenon of recent weeks: the legendary player Let me alone Her who faced Malenia dressed only with underwear, a pot and two katans. Many people have been able to take advantage of the services of it to go to this boss, considered by many as the most difficult of the game. However, the patch 1.04 corrects certain interactions and it seems that the developers wanted to stop the activity of the player in the tureen. From now on, if you want to pass Malenia, you will have to do it to the old woman.

Why had Malenia become a joke?

Lets Player's Reaction To Their Encounter With Malenia, Blade of Miquella - Elden Ring
Although the FromSoftware games are famous for their sometimes excessive difficulty, especially when it comes to chief fights, it seems that the nightmare entities of the underworld are more permissive than those of souls. Or he simply was more Bugeed than ever? As we have seen in recent weeks, players have competed in inventiveness and tactics to trigger certain behaviors of the chiefs they did very easy to defeat them , either because of Bugs_ or simply by abuso of patterns.

That is not really what happened to Malenia: the sword of Miquella, who had remained for many as a unbeatable obstacle with its extremely strong skill set and lack of errors to exploit it. At least that was true alone **.

To go to the boss easily, everything you had to do was invoke the player Let me only Her in your world to do it for you. Equipped only with a pot as a helmet and his katans of blood and frost, ridiculed Malenia for his talent and the fluidity of the game of him. The explosive outfit of him in view of his power contributed to the glory of him and the general beaning of Malenia, who was no longer afraid. The latter decided take revenge on the last patch , so you’ll have to reach the level of let me just her if you want to beat her!

What changes with the 1.04 patch?

To begin with, the developers decided to make it more difficult to overcome in general . We feel that she is her favorite boss and that she had to become this infallible obstacle, that infallible wall against the rest of the adventure. That is why they have increased their statistics ** so that the fight is basically more complicated than before.

What interests us is a strange behavior that occurs in the multiplayer mode . It is difficult to know if it is an error or an answer to Let me just Her, but by invoking an ally for this fight, Malenia’s life returns to normal without the need for blows. We were already fighting To deal with your life robbery, but now it is completely regenerated by default, without the need to hit a blow. If you want to fight against the sword of Miquella, you have no choice but to do it in a normal duel.

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