Bochum matchball without rice, but with Danilo Soares

At the 0: 3 in Freiburg, Bochum recently had one, as rice an estimated, “used day” caught. This was due, among other things, for left-back Danilo Soares, but also for most other VfL professionals. The Brazilian had remained in the cabin at half time, had had to expose to the week of the week because of hip complaints, but in good time for the descent agent against Augsburg, the fine technician is back on the ball. Of course in the starting eleven. “The question mark around his mission,” says VfL coach Thomas Rice, “we can remove confidence.”

According to his interior reference in Freiburg on Sunday, the coach itself will protect the offered distance to his team and may not take up to the team to the team for 30 minutes before kick-off until 30 minutes after the end of the game. The command at the sideline leads co-trainer Markus Gellhaus, who already did this in mid-March, as rice had to experience the game against Borussia Mönchengladbach from home because of a Covid 19 infection. Result: 0: 2 from Bochum view.

Rice for the usual mood: “That fits loose”

The usual mood for the game but can naturally take over the boss coach. “As a rule, we make the usual discussion at home games 75 minutes before the kick-off. That fits loose,” says rice. Otherwise, he has full confidence in his coaching team around Gellhaus and Routinier Frank Heinann.

The team should go into the game with pleasure and as possible without cramping.

Thomas rice

No matter how the competition plays, On Sunday, Bochum can prematurely make the league of league perfectly, and the alone is already a huge sensation. “It would be a dream if we clear that immediately and then in a home game,” finds rice, “for us, this is a positive pressure for us. The team should go into the game with joy and as possible without cramping.”

The stadium at the Castroper Straße will not be quite sold out because Augsburg did not fully exploit the map contingent and order only 500 tickets. 23,000 tickets but went to football fans who are well-pronounced to the VFL and accompany the team with usual support. “At home,” says rice, “we always feel a bit more comfortable and play something better football as a way out.”

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25 Of his 36 points so far, the newcomer at home, on Sunday, the missing three should already be added. Then rice wants to see another face of his team than in the bad appearance in Freiburg. “I am convinced,” says the coach, “that this defeat did not turn to us. Clearly, on Sunday we want to crown our strong season until now.”

Even if the boss trainer in this case should cheer together with a delay together with his players.

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