The best Deadshot assembly at Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

For those who love gross witchcraft, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands will help you. Daudeshot combines the Mogilian and Spelshote for truly destructive combo. Let’s go deep into the details.

What is the best devil assembly in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?


This build is largely based on the GraveBorn skills tree with Spellshot aspects that improve its witchcraft. It’s all about strengthening damage from dark magic and drawing a large damage by spells.

  • (Mogilian) Death Vessel : 5/5
  • (Mogilian) Abduction of Entity : 5/5
  • (Mogilian) Sanguine Mystery : 3/3

  • (gravelborn) dark pact : 5/5
  • (gravelborn) soul stain : 5/5
  • (Greivborn) Ascension : 3/3
  • (gravelborn) explosive sigh : 5/5
  • (Mogilorous) Blessing Morham : 1/1
  • (spell) Sniper spells : 5/5
  • (Spell) Mana Source : 5/5
  • (Spell) Magone Armor : 1/1
  • (Spell) Glass cannon : 1/1

Equipment and Chara

Daughters will want to focus on gear, which enhances spells and dark magic. Please note that the spells can be added to the equipment and reuse from the blacksmith or in the chaos hall.

  • Choran : When using the spell, it increases the damage from the abilities on [x]% for y seconds.
    Chora : When using the spell, increases damage from dark magic to [x]% per y seconds.
  • Spell : any of the options of meteor will quickly deal with enemies.
  • Armor : All that increases the power of GraveBorn / Spellshot and damage from abilities.

BEST SPELL BUILD! Chaos 35 Made Easy (Deadshot) // Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Spellslinger Build


Weapons are not what this build is about. In fact, all bonuses to the weapons that the ripelshot usually use were ignored in favor of pure spells. Thus, use what you like more in terms of weapons. There is no wrong answer here.

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