Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard Season 3 Confidential Weapon

Call of Duty: Call of Duty: Warzone ™ and Call of Duty®: The third season to decorate the Call of Duty® (Vanguard), ‘Classified Arms’ It starts today.

These Are ALL the NEW WEAPONS IN SEASON 3... (Vanguard Warzone Season 3 Update New Guns)

The appearance of terrible monsters in Calera, the background of Warzone, is foreseen, and many things, including firepower weapons and new areas that can fight against them, fill the season. Korean operators will also be dispatched this season.

In Season 3, Captain Buddha, who regained Caldera Island with outstanding tactics and overwhelming troops, finds a treasure house full of secret prototypes. As the question of the enemy’s identity trying to fight with such a powerful weapon is growing, the answer comes from the abandoned radio raw roar.

At 1:00 am on May 12, the limited time event, Operation Monarch, features Godzilla and Kong, a symbolic giant monster. In line with the joining of the most popular giant beings in the history of film, Operation Monak introduces a new quad -game mode that variations in various classic experiences to the monster’s scale.

In the Caldera battlefield, the Supply Box and the item can find clues to the hidden bone harmful and the coming enemies of the hidden bones, and the peak fortress, which is the home of unidentified animal defense organizations, and rebuilt fortress. Newly different areas, such as runway, lead the offerers’ steps. Gulag’s stage, which aims for the opportunity to resurrect, is also moved to the dock of ships anchored on the Caldera coast.

At the center of this season, which must face a huge monster opponent, there is a powerful prototype weapon. M1916, which exerts amazing power at any range, M1916: Marksman Rifle and Nikita AVT assault rifle (Nikita AVT), which boasts a fast launch speed, and two new confidential weapons and two species of battles. Pass weapons wait for the players’ choices.

In addition, S.O.T.F., a new task force Three people, Mateo Hernandez, Florence Carter and Kim Tae Young, will participate as a war zone offerer this season. In particular, Kim Tae -young, a Korean operator, is an unknown vigilante who was trained in his mother’s hands, and shows a determination that resembles the legendary ghosts engraved on the mask. Kim Tae -young, who is in a close battle, will appear during the season.

Meanwhile, Vanguard also added two battlefields, such as the Mayhem, which depicts the set of a model city in the 1950s along with Season 3, and Sphere, which depicts the coal mine hidden with a secret weapons laboratory, and grenade and bombs. 20 new zombies season challenges, including Trophy special ability and bonus rewards that can neutralize attacks, will be added.

Ricochet Anti-Cheat ™ for a safer and more fair gameplay will be updated. In addition, in addition to the improvement of overall performance and stability, if it is detected as a cheating actor, it is not possible to see or listen to the other person in the game, so that a good general player can fight against the fraudulent and further punish them in the game. ) ‘System is applied.

Call of Duty: More details on War Zone and Vanguard Season 3 Confidential Weapons can be found in the official blog post.

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