Elden Ring: This is what the game looks like on the Nintendo Game Boy

Elden Ring GB Demake- First Teaser
Elden Ring on PlayStation 1 was already a real eye-catcher, but a user on Reddit continues a few steps and is currently tinkering with an Elden ring interpretation for the Nintendo Game Boy. So you have never seen the role -playing game of From software!

from the Playstation to the Game Boy

Elden Ring is now a real playground for creative modder, gifted artists and hardworking programmers. At the forefront: the Demake Community , which has set itself the task of porting the elaborate game to older consoles and handhelds.

The latest result of these efforts is Elden Ring on the Nintendo Game Boy .

The Reddit user Shin (U/-Shin-) did not just pixelate the role-playing game, but rather created a new one with the help of the GB Studio 3.0 . A tangible demake. But best look at the work yourself:

His self -declared goal is to make this demake ** playable on real hardware. Until then, it is still a long way.

If you want to accompany Shin on this trip, then you should keep an eye on your YouTube channel or visit him on Twitch, where he develops the game live.

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The Internet loves the Elden-Ring Demake

In any case, the Reddit community is enthusiastic about the project and compares the look with the first two Pokémon edition , which is known to have also been published for the game Boy.

A user even asks for fun how he can unlock Mewto in the Elden-Ring Demake. An allusion to the famous Mew-Glitch , which has shaped an entire schoolfhof generation.

Speaking of Mew, if you want to know what the Glitch in question is all about and on which the legendary Pokémon has found its way into the first editions , then please click into this article:

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