How to play on user cards in Teardown

After some time, it becomes boring to play and repeat the same cards in Teardown. In such a situation, you make a variety in your gameplay, installing user cards in Teardown. To configure and play user cards in Teardown, you need to download and install cards from any third -party site. Website mod Teardown and insert it into the folder with the file files ṭeardown .

download user cards for Teardown

User cards for Teardown can be downloaded from any website from your choice. We recommend visiting the STEAM community or disassembly Internet site. Both web sits require you to sign within them. View the website catalogs and download any card to your liking.

installation of user cards for teardown

Now remove the loaded card and copy the main map folder. Place the copied folder in the Teardown Fashion Catalog. By default, it is present in C: users_profildocumentSumentstardown mod .

Now run the game and play section section, look for a fashion option. Click on it, and all user cards will be available for playback on the Locals Files tab.

If you do not see the map in the modeling section, reboot the computer and repeat the attempt. Otherwise, install another card and see if it works.

To learn more about Teardown, read the sections “How to turn off the alarm in Teardown” or “How to install mods in Teardown” in games for professionals.

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