The release date of Sniper Elite VR revealed in a band

It’s been a while since we have heard of the next virtual reality episode of the Sniper Elite series. Announced for the first time alongside the Nintendo Switch Port of Sniper Elite 4, everything has been calm on the Sniper Elite VR in recent months. The publisher/developer Rebellion Developments has not given us much more information on the shooting game of the Second World War since then – until today.

In Sniper Elite VR, you play an Italian supporter, fighting against the fascist forces that try to take control of your homeland. Steve Bristow, Deputy Director of Design at Rebellion Developments, described the team’s approach to bring the series into virtual reality by relying on what he calls the “three pillars” of Sniper Elite. The first of these pillars is the sniper himself-using “intelligent tricks” still not revealed, Rebellion claims to have developed a realistic shooting experience. A detail of the shooting game they detail is the use of PlayStation Move controllers to manually recharge your weapons, giving the physical impression of wearing a killer weapon of Nazis.

Fans of the series will be happy to know that, although it does not appear in the trailer for revelation, the second pillar of Sniper Elite VR is the emblematic X-ray camera that follows your balls perfectly placed through the body of your targets. Again, few details have been revealed on this subject-Bristow says that “like many things in VR, you will have to see it by yourself before you believe it”. However, we have a brief overview of what the modified X-ray camera will look like at the end of the trailer for the release date:

The last pillar is the one with which many VR shooters have had trouble so far – free movement in the arenas of the game. In order to facilitate travel, there are a certain number of customizable movement options, especially “Free movement, teleportation to a single handle and front entrance and individual control of the position of inventory interaction points and manual discrepancies”.

Sniper Elite VR - Release Date Trailer | PS VR

Sniper Elite VR will be released on PlayStation VR, Oculus and Steam VR on July 8, 2021.

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