[ZETA DIVISION] I want to talk about “TENNNs greatness” seen from the NIP game! Looking back on the double kills that have greatly contributed to the reversal of the century

Riat Game’s tactical shooter “ Valorant “. The international tournament, “2022 Valorant Champions Tour Stage 1 -Masters Reykjavík”, has ended with the brilliant victory of Na representative ** Optic Gaming.

Our Japanese national team “ Zeta Division ” has achieved the unprecedented feat, best 3 , the world’s best 3 **.

Behind this was that he declined to participate in qualifying for last year’s world tournament “Champions” and reorganized the team. With the DEP player, Sugarz3ro, and Tennnnnnn and challenged with a new roaster, this STAGE1, we won the domestic qualifying, climbed up to the top three in the world tournament, resulting in the result that the background was not ashamed. 。

Therefore, this time, TENNN will focus. The agents used are Rais Sage Sky, Kill Joy, and a shop that can handle multiple rolls. The two maps introduced this time use an agent, Sage and Rays, which is not an exaggeration to say that it is the opposite.

The appeal of Tennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnwswean on is to “defeat it at key points.” In the sage, the enemies packed with a certain lower line are firmly defeated, and in the Rays, the brast pack is actively removed 1 kill+α, which greatly changes the battle situation. Too great.

This time, TENNN’s achievements are picked up by Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP), which was forced to fight a difficult battle with a low bracket. It is no exaggeration to say that Tennn has opened the victory in Map 3 “Fracture”, but let’s look at the wonderful double kills together with the battle situation.

And, of course, this is Zeta Division with five coaches and analysts, including Tennn. Each player has a wonderful playing, and there is also a situation with the support of other players that TENNN can shine (hereinafter abbreviation).

Ice Box

Round 3 -Double kill with shellif

Too great sherif 2 kills that were fascinated by the weapon disadvantage round. At the beginning of the round, DEP / Laz holds the B green side, but each has to be pulled with Old Loan and Ricon Bolt. So TENNN on the back of the yellow left in one sherif. Laz made the sound of the teleport and succeeded in cutting off the NIP that went to the installation at the judgment that the area around Yerrow was clear.

Sage (Bezn1) still gave a big blow to the full -bai NIP, which is still dropped to the cover Reina (Jonn). Too great. This is a double kill called Tennn.

Round 11 -Double kill with friends **

A round where the NIP side uses time slowly. NIPs need to complete the round in the last tens of seconds, although they have an advantage. CROW cuts time and physical strength with Hunter’s Fury.

Tennnnnnnnnnnnn, who can withstand the confusion firmly with the barrier orb while enduring the server, firmly strikes a kill at the final high position and protects Sugarz3RO and the site. The reason that ZETA could maintain the front without putting it into the site would be due to the CROW support, the Sugarz3ro cover line, and the killing of Tennnnnnnnnnnn. great.

Round 23 –Shearing of Ring Retake

ZETA, who got a match point earlier, fascinates its strength by retake after installation, and makes ZETA’s “one round” far away.

Meanwhile, in Round 23, where Sugarz3ro uses Vipers Pit, two kills for quick retakes after installation. I’m not sure because it’s not reflected in the watching camera, but probably the second kill is smoked. The greatness of predicting the enemy’s position and defeating it was one hit that decided the game in Round 23.

ZETA, who has a good advantage and succeeded in winning the ice box as it is, proceeds to the third map of the fate, “Fracture,” with a good flow.


Round 6 -Displacement from the backing

Tennn succeeded in inserting the site from the backing.

First, make the back of the B main side successful to the enemy who is taking care. At this point, you can understand the strength of Tennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnwswstage, but it is not only strong but also Tennn’s appeal. Be careful of the subsequent cover line and calm down once. great.

After that, the blast pack entry with the timing with the link kanten side. While taking the information, it invades the B site in a form that disturbs the enemy. Cut the release as it is.

After the cancellation, I destroyed it as an extra, cut off the opponent’s credits, and forced the other party to buy it. Too great.

Round 21 -There is no good in Guardian!

VCT 2022 Masters Reykjavik: ZETA DIVISION vs. OpTic Gaming Post-Game Press Conferences
8-12 and ZETA, which is not afterwards, tried early set play, but Laz and Crow were dropped early and the number of people was disadvantageous. Under such circumstances, the area was cut off with aggressive play in the Guardian and cleared under the tower. In order to expand the area, the game with the tower was firmly won, and the number of people was disadvantageous.

In the tower game, Sugarz3ro was on the cover line, but the fact that Tennn had hit it without relying on it here would have been a major reason for the personality. It’s hot that Tennn has a cherry blossom by shooting after the tower. great.

Super great.

Round 22 – approach OT with a blast pack

While the situation continues, ZETA shows the movements of the time slowly and slowly using the time. In the movement to complete only the site from the A hole, TENNN expands the area with a blast pack to the link side.

Because the opponent is an eco -round, it can be removed from the remaining weapons here, but the front with a powerful blast pack that makes the flow obtained from the previous round to ZETA will make the team atmosphere. There is no doubt that it was better. Too great. Like.

I love You.

Round 23 -Too great, very great Rark

If you take it here, you will be overtime and you will feel nervous. Tennn is responsible for Rark (shortstop). The stealed Tennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnswswswined ends alone, survives and takes a defense spawn. It is great not to overdo it here.

And very great from here. Tennn keeps the defense spawn as it is from the ZETA leadership on the B site, while receiving information in Kanten. This is very great. First of all, we succeed in keeping the enemy coming from A site firmly. After that, I peaked to Canteen, killed it, and also got the last kill, and carried ZETA overtime with a quadrakill. Too great.

As I explained continuously, the three rounds before catching overtime with this fracture were the scenes where TENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. The strength of TENNN, which brings two kills in the scene of “here”, feels like a strong sense of stability of the team.

After this, in the final round, he actively competed in the Sky Smoke, cut the road and won the NIP with 14-12. Tennn’s blast packs would have been to Tennn himself and Zeta Division to victory.

This time, I focused on TENNN in focus, but I would like to tell you that each of the five ZETA Division is the best player. Otherwise, it would not have been possible to reach the best 3 unopened land.

The strongest leader Laz, the strongest supporter crow, the strongest controller Sugarz3ro, and the strongest All -rounder Tennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnsbu, each of them, including coaches and analysts that support them, are Zeta Division. That’s why we are fighting in the world.

And the next STAGE2 will also start Week1 Open Qualifiers on May 10. Whether ZETA Division, which has won the world’s best three, is still strong, or a new dark hose will emerge, will attract attention for the Japanese team fighting in the next world tournament.

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