Chillier than Minecraft: German game goes steeply on Steam

The urban building simulation of village romanticism from the German studio has been causing a while. The loving graphic and the peaceful atmosphere ensure pure relaxation. Now the chilled game has left the early access phase and starts again with a release in the Steam top sellers.

is the new Steam star even more chilled than Minecraft?

The German game Dorfromatik lives up to its name. The indie game has climbed back to the top seller on Steam since its release on April 28th. The players are also absolutely enthusiastic in the user reviews. (Source: Steam)

Dorfromanticism describes itself on Steam as “ relaxed building strategy and and puzzle game , in which you gradually build up idyllic village landscapes from cards”. At first glance, it looks like a mixture of the board game Carcassonne and the round strategy classic civilization. However, you don’t have to fear greedy players who want to steal your castles or protect your cities against atomic bombs of other rich . Instead, like in the creative fashion of Minecraft, you can build relaxed and watch your village grow.

Just take a look at the calm atmosphere of village romanticism in the launch trailer :

Tubbo attempts to speak German and fails miserably (ft Nihachu and Fundy)

Steam user compares village romanticism with Minecraft

Steam users also praise village romanticism. Currently 97 percent of the over 12,000 reviews are positive . So it is the perfect game to relax after work. The user Fuzzy Acorn writes that he could spend hours finding the best layout for his village.

The user of Dexaldem initially expresses a warning: this is the main thing that is a puzzle game. It is not a city simulation like Sim City and does not have to be. Above all, the relaxing music remind him of Minecraft . There you can also build peaceful at the lowest difficulty level.

If you prefer to relax in Minecraft, you can see it here in the Playstation store:

Steam user is currently celebrating the German game of village romance. With peaceful music and charming graphics , the puzzle game makes it into the top seller on Steam.

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