Lost Ark: unlock selfie mode

Many games offer a selfie mode and Lost Ark is no exception here. In this guide you can find out:

  • How to unlock selfie mode
  • What you can do in selfie mode
  • Where the pictures are saved

How do I unlock the selfie mode?

Selfie mode is unlocked after ** of the “Savior” mission-fortunately you get this quest shortly after the start of the game.

After you selected your class and finished (or skipped) the prologue, you will soon meet Father Armel. This is harassed by some assassins and needs your help. After two light fights you pull the clergyman up from a bridge and go to the city of Prideholme. There you should go to the Armel in the monastery.

After a short cutscene and a dialogue with Father Varut over the stone tablets you leave the monastery and find yourself at the levels of the church. And lo and behold: Selfie mode is unlocked at the top right under the minimap.

How does selfie mode work?

In selfie mode you can make photos of the environment or your character -without annoying menus or clues that deface the picture. You also have the opportunity to move the camera or heroes and use Emotes.

You can also call up selfie mode during an activity , for example when chopping wood or fishing. However, note that selfie mode does not freeze the time. Other players, NPCs and monsters continue to move during the snapshot. The latter can even attack you in the meantime. So think well whether you absolutely need a selfie from a nasty boss.

If you have chosen a pose and a nice background, you just have to press the “print” button on the keyboard to save the image.

In which folders are the pictures saved?

You can find the recordings in a subfolder of your gaming directory. The path is by default:

  • _ \ Steamlibrary \ Steamapps \ Common \ Lost Ark \ Efgame \ Screenshots_

However, you can also choose your own path for your pictures in the settings. Have lots of fun with it.

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Lost Ark Selfie Mode

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