Lineage W, adding a new class Dark Elf. Class Change Map

NCsoft (CEO Kim Taek -jin, NC) ‘s multi -platform MMORPG Lineage W has updated the second episode, Dark Elf.

All Lineage W users can play the Dark Elf, a new class (class) from today (4th). Dark Elf is a class that can play dynamic by utilizing strong physical attack power and stealth technology that deceives enemies. It uses dedicated weapons, iodo -ryu and crow.

NC (NC) opens the 19th new world, Antaras. The user can enjoy Lineage W in the new world from 18:00 today (4th). ‘Class Change’, which allows you to change the class of existing characters to Dark Elf, will also be held until the 18th.

Users can participate in events commemorating the Dark Elf Update. If you achieve a certain level by June 2, you will receive a “growth potion” that gains additional experience. If you access the game until May 25, you can also get a “attendance check 14days-invitation of Blodica” that gets consumable items that help foster characters.

Lineage W New Class Dark Elf Coming Soon
There is also a new world ‘Antaras’ opening event. All users will receive 22:1 million Adena (in -game goods) and growth support consumable items today. Users who enjoy Lineage W by creating new characters in ‘Antaras’ are push rewards and attendance check rewards that are provided 3 times (9 o’clock, 14 o’clock, 18:00) every day until May 11th., ‘I get a blessed weapon/armor magic order, etc.).

NC (NC) unveiled its future update plan in the Communication Broadcasting ‘Director’s Talk 2’ held on April 29. Lineage W users will be in the future: ▲ New Party Dungeon ‘Hwawon of Craving’ (May 11) ▲ Large New Dungeon ‘Tower of Oman’ and the first server transfer (May 18) You can enjoy new contents such as (later release).

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