FC Bayern – Kahn for boredom in the title fight: The competition is responsible for tension

Board boss Oliver Kahn from FC Bayern understands that many fans want more excitement in the Bundesliga, but accepts the competition.

FC Bayern has won the German championship for the tenth time this season and has long since caused annoyance for those who do not keep it with the record title.

The CEO of Munich, Oliver Kahn, said in the SZ: “Of course I know that all non-Bayern fans want more excitement in the fight for the championship.” At the same time, the former world goalkeeper emphasized: “But the competition has to ensure the tension.”

Meanwhile, Kahn assured that a one -sided title fight was no advantage for FC Bayern: “On the contrary. But in the end with a German champion FC Bayern!”

He indicated willingness to talk to the DFL about solutions to the problem. However, he is not only concerned with national success: “It is our goal to have a team next season that can play at the forefront in the Champions League.”

FC Bayern – Oliver Kahn: “Lost dramatically on the ground”

European success is not only good for FC Bayern itself, according to Kahn, the Bundesliga as a whole also benefits: “More top stars in the league, excitement at the top, which helps to sell TV rights at home and abroad And here we have recently lost dramatically on the ground. “

Kahn said: “Without success in the Champions League, the entire Bundesliga will continue to lose ground in marketing, and that will ultimately affect everyone.”

Oliver Kahn und Canizares 2001 Fair play award cl Valencia

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After the latest CL Triumph 2020, the record champion still ranked one on the UEFA club coefficient list, but could soon lose this top position after the surprising failure in the quarterfinals of the Champions League against Villarreal.

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