Daewon Media Game Lab, Unpublished new work at Play Expo

Daewon Media (048910 CEO Chung Wook, Chung Dong -hoon), a representative culture and contents company in Korea, announced that it has confirmed its participation in the 2022 Play Expo held in KINTEX, Ilsan from May 12 to May 15, 2022..

Through the 2022 Play Expo, Daewon Media Game Lab provides visitors with the opportunity to experience multiple games. “I can’t dry it! Dr. Me and Dr. Summer Vacation ~ 7 days of travel to the end ~ ”,“ Hip Detective Bong Bong! I am detective in the future! ” In addition to the original IP games, as well as the “Snow Brothers Special”, “Fortress S”, “Rubato”, “Lubato”, “Turntack”, etc. I do it. In addition, the game is currently being developed for the first time in the field, and visitors can play some sections directly.

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Meanwhile, the game show, which will be held at the 2022 Play Expo on May 14th, will reveal specific information of the new title released by Daewon Media through Rulicon 2022. “I can’t dry it! Dr. Me and Dr. Summer Vacation ~ The 7 -day trip to the end of the 7 -day trip ~ ”Ayabe Kazu of Ayabe Kaz, including the message from Korean fans, and the two developers of the developer’s cane game of the dreamy puzzle platformer” Turntack “with a mysterious atmosphere. Representative Cho Hak -hyun and Song Hae -sol developed the Ruricon 2022 stage to introduce the game and interview. In addition, Lim Sung -gil, CEO of CRT Games, a developer of Snow Brothers Special, released on May 19, plays the game on stage with Kim Jin -woo programmer, more specifically looking at the game and answering various questions to solve the user’s curiosity. In addition, the trailer of several new titles, which is scheduled to be released at Daewon Media Game Lab this year, will also be released for the first time.

The Play Expo 2022 will be held at the 7-8 Hall of Ilsan KINTEX Exhibition Hall for 4 days from May 12 to May 15 and operates from 10:00 to 18:00. In addition, the Ruricon 2022 broadcast can be viewed from 4 pm on May 14 through the Twitch Play Expo channel, and you can meet the stage of Daewon Media Game Lab immediately after the opening ceremony. Return can be found on the YouTube Rulicon channel.

Daewon Media Game Lab provides a total of seven titles, including unpublished games, provides gameplay to visitors, and gives souvenirs by conducting a questionnaire on site. In addition, the SNS campaign to commemorate the Play Expo will be held to provide a rich event, such as the winner’s NINTENDO ESHOP download code to the winners.

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