Turtles: Shredders Revenge in the preview: This will be the nostalgia trip for toad fans

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was an integral part of the 1980s and 1990s. The full nostalgic migle with the mutated turtles is available this year in the form of a new video game. We have therefore beaten ourselves through the villain of the Foot Clan and reveal what teenage mutant ninja turtles: Shredder’s Revenge can.

beat like in the best Turtles times

Developer Tribute Games has cooked a “neatly old -fashioned” turtle soup in the best sense, the connoisseur of the template, after the first annoying foot Soldier, conjures up an appreciative smile on his lips. You choose one of the four Turtles (Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo), Master Splinter or April O’Neil as a character and pulls through the cartoon levels.

In doing so, hordes of arch enemy Shredders (also like to be called scrap eater or master Schröder in Turtles-Jargon) stand in the way of robot foot soldiers, which processes them into old metal with nimble sloping combos. At the end of each section you can expect a particularly strong – and compared to the remaining baking pipe feed huge – boss opponents such as Rocksteady, Bebop or the Council King. The proven old school program.

Classic gameplay : At first glance, the action options of your green -skinned heroes also appear very old schooly. There is a button for the attack, a jump and an alternative button. In addition, one button for special attack and meditation, but more about that. First of all, we look at the basic combat mechanics.

With just one stroke button, the repertoire is of course severely restricted, but the more hits you end up, the more the attacks vary. A combo with alternative animations develops from a simple blow.

Stupides on it will soon no longer get you further, because the opponents also use shields or swords to block your attacks. Here you either have to watch the right moment (and don’t let the other types to be woken up) or go to the cloth to pack the adversaries. Then you either knock on the floor like Obelix on the left and right, hurls her colleague in front of the feeding board or tries the classic “from the screen” launcher with a zoom effect from Turtles in time.

These are the ninja turtles

At the end of the 1980s to the mid -1990s there was nothing more trendy with the kids than the Teenage Mutant Ninja (Hero) Turtles. Comics, cartoons, cinema films, action figures, toothpaste and what else you can imagine, you could guaranteed buy it with a Turtles logo. Anyone who was already watching the RTL program in the early Saturday morning still has Frank Zander’s version of the title song in his ear to this day: “Hey, now the Hero Turtles, super strong Hero Turtles are coming…” Or probably now has it.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge | New Gameplay Today

It is clear that the game industry was also listening. The Japanese publisher Konami, who actually still made video games at the time, grabbed the license and put the Turtles in some side -scrolling prongs for NES and Ombh.

One of them, the Arcade implementation of Turtles in Time, appeared quite parallel in Germany to the publication of the Super Nintendo at the end of 1992 and not only caused enthusiasm among fans of armor toads: play mechanics, graphics, sound and humor were at a hard-beating top level. Since then, there have been many attempts to bring the Turtles on success in further video games, but no title was enough for Konamis lovingly staged masterpiece.

varied moves: other opponents in turn invite their attack. Here you can attach three to four strokes, but should then bounce to safety using an alternative button in good time so as not to be hit by an outstanding ax. Your heroes also have such a move on it: If you hold the attack button, you load a heavy attack. This puts you in danger of being hit during the charging phase, but you put on the blow, you catch several villains at once.

ninja modernizations

But there was also talk of meditation and special attacks buttons, or not? Right. In order to donate small but fine modernizations to the game, developers have come up with an expansion mechanics. With a hit you fill up a bar that gives you a special attack at the end. In the case of Leonardo, this is about a storm vertebrae with the sword blades, which sweeps away everything within reach.

Charging through Combos is not the only way to get to a special attack. If you have some air, you can meditate and fill up the bar in this way.

Humorous clumping: We could only try two early levels of the game, but that was already so much fun that we can hardly wait to play the final version.
Shredder’s Revenge does justice to the great predecessor in all matters, even with the interspersed humor.
For example, while we are knocking through the studio of a cooking show in the Channel 6 building, we attack and frozen ham armed foot soldiers.
And a few meters further, a squad makes dark men exercises on the yoga mat.
Everything in a loving pixel look – just like in the 90s.
If you need even more teenage mutant ninja turtles action this year, then Konami actually has something for you.
The publisher publishes a collection with 13 classics with the turtles.
The first trailer is here.

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