How to catch pike perch in Stardew Valley

Playing Stardew Valley, you will encounter a request for zander for the Sebastian book club. Unfortunately, Sudak is one of the most difficult to catch fish, since it requires a given circumstances or a high level of craft.

Где найти судака в долине Стардью?

Stardew Valley How To Get All Fish/All Locations (Fish Guide)
The first requirement is that the day should be rainy , and since the weather is quite accidental, it is difficult. The only way to guarantee this is to use the rain totem that can be found in the cup of the skull or create if you have reached the level of the 9th gathering. Winter or Autumn so that they appear.

The above map shows red circles above Places for fishing you should pay attention. Go to any of these places when the above conditions will be fulfilled in order to get a pike perch in the oldness valley. In fact, finding this fish is quite easy if the above conditions are met. When it is raining in winter or autumn, you will catch at least one pike perch.

The rain totem will never work on a festival day, because these days weather conditions, which are usually sunny, are in advance. Make sure you are not trying to catch this fish on a festival day, because this will not happen.

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