Seider waves award as NHL

National defender Moritz Seider waves the award as a rookie of the year in the NHL. The 21-year-old from the Detroit Red Wings made it into the final selection, which the NHL announced on Wednesday.

In his first NHL season, Seider led the best list among the rookie defenders on points (50) and assists (43). The former Mannheim was second in the gates (7). Seider also ended up in PowerPlay points (21), winners (4) and Schüussen (187). No newcomer stood on the ice on average than the World Cup participant (23:02 minutes).

Bunting (26) came to 63 points (23 goals, 40 assists), Zegras (21) to 61 (23+38). However, both play in storm what could speak for the decision for Seider. So far, no German player has received the award.

Moritz Seider Throws The BIGGEST HITS In The NHL
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