Even if you dont believe it, Konami reports one of his best financial years

The year 2021 has been a controversy for konami, since it changed the name of one of its star franchises, pes, which is now called efootball and did not have The best initial results. To that is added the sale of NFT to celebrate the anniversary of Castlevania. And despite all that, it has been one of its best years on the issue of profits.

Google Keynote (Google I/O ‘22)

According to the results of the fiscal year shared by the page Resetera, this has been the company’s most successful fiscal year in many years. With a benefit of 74,400 million yen and a net of 54.8 billion, thus being an increase of 69.9%. This is thanks to games that could be thought are niche, but maybe they are wrong ideas.

One of the titles that helped konami to reach this milestone is yu-gi-oh! Master Duels, which from the beginning of the year until now, has already accumulated more than 20 million downloads globally. To that are added the sales of an exclusive game of Japan called Momotaru densetsu, being one of the most sold cartridges in the land of the East.

In news related to the company. Konami has decided to celebrate its next 50th anniversary of existence, so they will officially change the name. If you want to know what your new nickname will be, you can consult it in the link that we leave below, you will surely find the news interesting.

Without a doubt, these were numbers that did not see anyone coming in the video game industry.

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