9-euro ticket: How you are already cheap

9 Euro Monthly ticket Update in Germany | Travel all over Germany #9Euroticket

If you want to be in hand with a 9-euro ticket and want to enjoy the three-month period of time, you can already strike something surprisingly: in the customer centers, at ATMs, in the sales outlets of Freiburger Verkehr AG (VAG) Buy the 9-euro ticket now-before May 20, on the Bundestag and the Federal Council, want to finally decide on the draft law.

Just like at the other sales outlets, VAG’s ticket is only valid from June 1st. If you are already buying the ticket, you can use it directly from the first second of the validity period and avoid waiting times that may be able to enter sales outdoors at the beginning of the campaign period.

But don’t worry: the number of the 9-euro ticket is not limited, so everyone who wants to get the opportunity to buy such a ticket.

online sale now discontinued

But why does the VAG VAG actually pretend? In a blog post, the Freiburger explain that they want “our customers benefit from this unique special campaign as best as possible. That is why we are already taking care of the best possible implementation-and we already have the 9-euro ticket on sale with us. ”

The 9-euro monthly maps with validity June and July are currently available.

The only catch: Not everyone will have the opportunity for a detour in Germany’s southwest and the sale via the online shop of the Freiburg VAG has now been stopped at short notice.

What does a ticket from Freiburg bring me?

Because the 9-euro ticket applies across Germany, it doesn’t matter where you bought it. Once acquired, you can travel regionally with the same ticket both in Freiburg, but also in Berlin, Hamburg or Munich. With a few times a few times and a little effort, the ticket can even be passed through the whole country.

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