How to change a profession in Stardew Valley

If you regret the choice made when choosing a profession in Stardew Valley, you have nothing to worry about. Stardew Valley does not limit you to a choice. You can change your profession at any time using the sanctuary of uncertainty.

where to find a statue of uncertainty in the Valley Stardy

In the sewage of the city of Pelican is a strange round statue, known as a statue of uncertainty. This is right on entrance to the sewer , and you can interact with the statue as soon as you find it. In exchange for 10,000 gold, you can change any of your unlocked professions. Your professions are associated with agriculture, gathering, fishing, prey of minerals and battle. Choose the one you want to change, and when you lie down to sleep, you will be invited to choose a new profession.

Stardew Valley - How to Change Your Skills | Quick Tutorial
You will also need to choose a profession of 10th level if you unlock the second profession, reaching 10th level. You can switch between professions every day, but each time you will need 10,000 gold.

how to unlock the sewer in Stardew Valley

Although this takes a lot of time, unlocking the sewage system is a simple process. Gunter gives you rusty key after you donate 60 items to the museum. Use a rusty key to open the entrance to the sewer.

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