Xbox Game Pass subscribers unhappy with the new game

Xbox Game Pass subscribers are not happy with the last Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X -aggregate game added to the subscription service, although it has little to do with the game itself. The new game is actually limited to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, since it is an EA play game. As you know, only Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users have access to the EA Play library, a benefit that is obtained with the additional $ 5 per month they pay. That said, if you are a subscriber of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you may have noticed that nhl 22 was added to his Game Pass library yesterday.

Compared to other sports games, such as fifa, nba 2k, enloquecer and mlb the show – the nhl the games are not so popular for the simple reason that the hockey is not so popular. In other words, it is not such a popular addition, especially with the next annual series game just a few months away. However, that is why people are upset. Why so many Game Pass subscribers are not happy with the addition is because it is not fifa22.

Based on previous patterns, the expectation was that fifa22 would be added to EA play at the beginning of the month. However, it has not been added, but nhl 22 has, despite launching later than fifa22. So what’s going on? Well, it doesn’t say it, and silence amplifies the discomfort. The delay in adding it to Ea Play probably has something to do with being added to PS Plus this month, but this is just speculation.

Xbox Game Pass Subscribers Unhappy With New Game

Unfortunately, if fifa22 is being retained from EA play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate due to the PlayStation Plus agreement, as soon as it will be added is next month.

As always, we will keep it informed as the situation evolves. Meanwhile, to obtain more coverage not only from Xbox Game Pass, but of everything related to Xbox in general, including not only the latest official news, but also the latest unofficial news, rumors, leaks and speculation, click here.

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