Future technology implemented as Unity, Unity Wave 2022

On the 16th, Unity announced that ‘Unity Wave 2022′, which was held from the 9th to 13th, was completed successfully. The Unity Wave 2022 was held online and offline at the same time.

‘Unity Wave 2022’ provided various technical lectures and educational programs to share the latest technologies and information of the Unity engine with creators. ▲ Unity ▲ Game ▲ Simulation ▲ Digital Trin ▲ virtual and augmented reality, focusing on five topics that change every day, we have unveiled the actual case and know -how of Unity collaborative companies. The event was completed successfully with more than 12,000 online and offline combined participation during the five -day event.

In particular, the “Unity for Game” session, which was held on the 10th, showed the active participation of industry experts and creators who are interested in unity -based game production and industrial trends. Among the sessions consisting of various themes such as blockchain and NFT trends, and the process of physical simulation used in “ Goddess of Victory: Nikke ”, Unity’s latest tech demo production story session was especially noted. The session introduced the process of implementing more realistic digital humanities with Unity’s latest technology -based Unity hair systems and digital human tool sets. In addition, we explained the real -time 3D technology update that will enable high -quality digital content production. In addition, the in -depth analysis session of Unity’s new sample game, Gigaya, also attracted the attention of many creators by sharing the production process using Unity technology, tools and workflows.

The “Unity for Simulation” session, which was held on the 11th, attracted attention with the ‘functional game and content utilization of cognitive training robots for the elderly’, which focused on solving cognitive function and caring problems such as dementia in the age of aging. Solutions were presented to solve aging social problems as an example of the use of robots and practical use in collaboration between Unity and Robo Care. Song Sang -soo, director of Robo Care, said, “When medical contents have been combined with robots, it can be used as a system that will help solve social problems such as aging and developmental disorders.” It is becoming more and more advanced that technology that can help emotional support and social connections to become a society for all ages. ”

On the 12th, ‘Unity for Digital Twin’ is the ‘methus era. System Development Strategy ”focused on methuses that have emerged as a concern for the game industry and IT industry. Oh Joo -yong, the head of the Team, Oju -Yong, who has been speaking as a speaker, is a development strategy know -how, including the concept of methuses, the necessity of connecting online and offline experiences to strengthen methuses, and the functional elements that future systems should be equipped with 3D pipelines. Share. In particular, this session suggests that Unity’s technology, which has achieved visible results by embodying various methus platforms, contributes to future system development.

On the 13th, the “Unity for Virtual World” session was followed by visitors to listen to various meta bus implementation using Unity. LG Uplus and Unity’s business meta bus platform ‘virtual office’ and SKT’s Unity engine -based meta bus platform ‘E -Friend’, etc. I got a great response.

Kim In -sook, CEO of Unity Korea, said, “It was a significant time for communication because of the hot interest in this event to strengthen communication and support with creators.” “We will spare no effort to help Unity helps in the growth process.” She added, “We are looking forward to seeing various smart work support programs that will continue to introduce technology exchanges for developers and industry workers.”

Unity 2022.1 Released

‘Unity Wave 2022’ can be found on the official Unity Square website.

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