Gensin Impact reveals the new character Shikanoin Heizou

Gensin Impact has a brand new anemo character on the way. The developer of the popular ARPG, Hoyoverse, today confirmed via Twitter that the new character Shikanoin Heizou will finally find its way to Teyvat and the hands of the players after months of speculation.

As a “young detective of the Tenryou Commission”, Heizou is jointly responsible for Inazuma’s security. According to Yashiro Commissioner Kamisato Ayato, the upcoming addition to the list of GENSHINE Impact characters, “has admirable wit and insight. Although he is uninhibited and uninhibited, you shouldn’t ignore your talents. “

While Hoyoverse Heizous has not confirmed rarity or weapon type, the reliable community leaders “Ubatcha” and “Lumie” may help us. According to Ubatcha, Heizou will be a four-star character Lumie says that he will be the first male Catalyst user. As a new anemo unit, it will be interesting to see where Heizou will fit in comparison to people like Sucrose and Kazuha, who make up the majority of anemo slots in current meta teams.

Shikanoin Heizou: NEW CHARACTER | Voicelines and Details About Him | Genshin Impact

You can see Heizou, which is described by Hoyoverse as “free -spiritual and unruly, but happy and lively”.

Shikanoin Heizou ‧ Analytical harmony

Detective of the Tenryou Commission

A young detective of the Tenryou Commission. Free -minded and unruly, but happy and lively.#Genshinimpact

-Genshin effect (@Genshinimpact) 16. May 2022

With another new character set, which will soon appear on the GENSHE Impact banner, we can hardly wait to see how Heizou will interact with the constantly growing list of the game.

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