How to restore saving data in Vampire Survivors

In update 0.5.209 for Vampire Survivors, the Poncle developer added a new powerful saving data recovery system. This new system will allow you to download backups, view the old auto -conservation of your games and restore data saving data from the old system.

This system of restoration of saving data is especially useful for Linux and Mac users, since older versions of the conservation data were stopped at the beginning of this month. As a result, players can now restore old saving data and create backup copies of their conservations.

How to use data recovery in Vampire Survivors

To use the data recovery system in Vampire Survivors, download the game and go to the option . In the red field in the lower right corner is the “Database Restoration” button. You will need to click on it twice, as this should confirm that you are sure that you want to use this tool.

In the “Data Restoration” menu, you will have the opportunity to download data from the last launch, show local backups or upload old system data.

Keep in mind that this is a constant change, unless you have created a backup copy of the current conservation data. Make sure you know what you are doing using a data saving tool. In addition, Ponkle said that Windows users have a chance to damage saving data if they use data from too old conservation. As a result, it is best to use this tool only for Mac or Linux users to restore their old saved data.

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