All power level restrictions in Destiny 2: soft restriction, hard restriction, powerful restriction.

The levels of force previously known as light levels have existed since the heyday of the original Destiny. Since the launch of Destiny 2 in 2017, the restriction has constantly crawled up with each new extension and season. This acts as a way to drop players and put them on the same level of the game.

This retains unbending players from achieving levels incomprehensible to more random players. It also serves as a good way to select and divide the content of each season. The following power levels are valid for queen of witch/season of the rebels .

Explanation of Destiny 2 power levels

Basic level (1350)

This is the basic level of power from which every guard starts. All equipment, whether it is vaulted or not, is brought into line with this standard at the beginning of the addition. Any equipment extracted from the collections will have this power level.

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Soft cap (1500)

A soft cap is the first milestone that the guards should reach. It may seem like a huge jump, but in fact it is not. Having completed the Vitam Queen campaign on legendary complexity, the guards will receive a full set of 1520 equipment. Otherwise, just having passed it, many will overcome this threshold in 1,500.

Powerful cap (1550)

Having reached level 1500, the guards will notice that world loss will no longer increase their level of force. Moving forward, the only way to increase the level of power is the PowerFul and Pinnacle awards. They come from different sources.

  • Basic engrams

  • Awards of suppliers (fill out eight for each supplier)
  • Complete three passages of Wellspring
  • Complete the two passages of the reflection altar.
  • Complete the three passions of Dares of Eternity.
  • Complete the Raid “Glass Storage”
  • Complete gloomy raids
  • Open two runic chests on the battlefields of psi squads.
  • Perform clan awards
  • Perform a weekly task in the throne world.
  • Random +1 falls out of playlists
  • Increasing the main rank with sellers


The transition from PowerFul Cap to Pinnacle/Hard Cap is the most difficult part of each season. Guardians can increase their level of force only using Pinnacle and limited to the specified Hard Cap. At the same time, seasonal artifacts allow the guards to increase their level of strength above this level, at least superficially.

  • Play three males
  • Play three gambit matches
  • Perform three vanguard operations with the corresponding weekly subclass.
  • Pass the dungeon “Group of greed”
  • Complete the raid “The Oath of the Student.”
  • Complete the gloomy plaque, scoring more than 100,000 points.
  • Defeat 10 champions on the battlefield battlefield.
  • Pass the master source
  • Dial 100,000 or more points in the weekly task Throne World.

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