Terra Kwon Do -hyung, the National Tax Service, creatively charges tax. Full -time

Representative Terraform Labs, the publisher of the stablecoin ‘UST’ and the coin ‘LUNA’ related to the stable nose, said that it is not true about suspicions such as unpaid taxes.

According to the industry, the National Tax Service conducted a special tax investigation on allegations of corporate tax and income tax on the general general manager Shin Hyun -sung, co -founder of Terraform Labs, along with CEO Kwon Do -hyung in June last year.

The IRS reportedly reported that Teraform Labs established a corporation in tax evasion, and was investigated by the allegedly investigating charges of tax evasion, missing a part of cryptocurrency, and missing parts of imports.

In this regard, Kwon said, “There is no tax paid in Korea,” Kwon said, “There is no taxpayer in Korea.” It takes some time, and the timing is purely coincidence.

Kwon said, “It has been in Singapore since December last year, and it was a long -established issue with personal decisions.”

“The IRS conducted a tax investigation on all major cryptocurrency companies in Korea and applied Korea’s tax regulations to foreign parent companies,” he said.

At the time, he also claimed that the IRS tax was not valid. Kwon said, “The Korean government needed money to increase spending on Corona 19, and claimed millions of dollars to cryptocurrency companies.”

Grim Reaper Task Force Investigates Terra LUNA Crypto, Do Kwon Charged With Tax Evasion
USST and LUNA have plunged since the 10th. The USST market capitalization once reached $ 18 billion, but as of 22nd, it fell to $ 600 million. LUNA’s market cap also recorded more than $ 20 billion, falling to $ 800 million since the market price plunged.

In the way of purchasing and incinerating LUNA directly, the request to compensate for investors’ damage caused by the market price plummet has no financial resources.

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