Destiny 2 Leviathan map – all locations of an abandoned leviathan

Leviathan and Emperor Kalus returned to Destiny 2. Although the ship’s impressive, devouring world can be an abandoned shadow of itself, navigation on it is no less confusing. This is aggravated by the fact that Bungie decided not to turn on the map of the new patrol zone.

abandoned Leviathan map

The Leviathan Returns Quest Guide | Destiny 2
There are three main areas in the new patrol area: Castellum ,Royal pools and gardens of pleasures *. There are several winding corridors that connect each of the zones, as well as several corridors who, it would seem, lead to nowhere. We allocated the card in color to make it easier to distinguish between the main level and lower levels.

We also noted various points of interest on the map, such as the location luxurious chests with keys and Pups . We will surely update the card when we find more.

The abandoned Leviathan seems to be a great disorder, but as soon as the guards begin to explore more, everything will fall into place and it will be easier to navigate. It is still curious why Bungie decided not to turn on the card.

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