Computex 2022: PCIe 5.0 and AM5

In the past few days, the large hardware trade fair Computex has taken place in Taipei (Taiwan). The Covid 19 pandemic still threw a shadow on the trade fair, which was last held as a presence event in 2019. This year, company representatives and journalists were now on site after the break, but significantly less than before the start of pandemic. In addition to numerous other exhibitors, the two competitors AMD and Nvidia presented some innovations or plans for upcoming products on the Computex.

The so-called keynotes, i.e. prepared and also sent on the Internet, were particularly important, in which important announcements and products are presented. Companies such as Asus and Gigabyte also had things with them that can play a role for upcoming upgrading game PCs or for new purchases of a complete system. At this point we therefore summarize the most important information about PC hardware that came to the public on or as part of the Computex-but the keynotes from AMD and Nvidia were rather disappointing when you look at it from a gamer perspective.


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nvidia: ultra-fast monitor, but RTX 4000 not an issue

Before the start of the Computex, many observers were the only question for many observers that Nvidia could announce in addition to the next generation of graphics card RTX 4000 because of further news. After the Keynote from Nvidia, the disappointment in the Groß-Denne Gamer-Ware team was talking about many things, just not about RTX 4000 and the associated architecture Ada Lovelace.

Rather, NVIDIA used the keynote in addition to some more important things about cloud computing for business customers to explain some, partly new features related to raytracing, DLSS and reflex, and to present a new gamer monitor. The monitor is created in cooperation with Asus and offers a refresh rate of up to 500 Hertz. Nvidia and Asus market the monitor as the fastest eSport monitor in the world. Previous monitors usually work with 144 to 180 Hertz, the fastest models come to 360 Hertz.

AMD at Computex 2022
However, because of the comparative favorable production, they paved the switch to flat and at the same time suitable monitors, when tube monitors were still standard. Apparently, only ESPORT gamers are really the target group for the announced particularly fast Asus monitor, which speeds go over everything, since in whose matches some of which can really only make the decision.

For hobby gamers, even if you are traveling more ambitious, neither the resolution of only 1080p (1920×1080 pixels) nor the size of only 24 inches are contemporary. We clearly recommend a larger monitor with WQHD (2560×1440 pixels) and from 144 Hertz. Incidentally, the new ASUS monitor also served Nvidia to present reflex, a technique that should actively reduce the latency between the PC and monitor. Reflex is available at certain games, and Monitor Reflex must also support.

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