“FF14” Black Mage has been super enhanced by PVP and the community is rough, and Yoshida P/D commented. Re -adjustment is scheduled for patch 6.15 on June 7th

Naoki Yoshida, producer and director of “ Final Fantasy XIV ” (hereinafter “FF14”), released the topics “Balance adjustment of PVP content” on May 27. It is explained in detail about PvP adjustments in patch 6.11A distributed on May 24. In the patch, black mage in PvP content was greatly enhanced, and many critical opinions were received in the official forums. Topics also commented on the balance adjustment policy of PVP content based on those opinions and adjustments on the front line, which had been discussed before patch 6.11A.

The strengthening of the black mage in patch 6.11a is 10 actions, such as shortening the chanting time and increasing the power of action, strengthening actions that give the opponent a foot-to-foot effect, and defense-based actions to reduce damage. It was implemented on the other hand. Compared to the fact that the adjustment of other jobs was 1 to 4 actions, the difference in adjustment was obvious, and the patch notebook of the patch 6.11a itself was short, so it gave a considerable presence. 。

In the small PVP “Crystal Conflict” of “FF14”, the mainstream tactics in which all allies are targeted and dropped one by one by fire. The black mage is a job with a wealth of action that gives the enemy debuff and stops, so that the target enemy cannot be moved. By strengthening patch 6.11a, the debuff is further enhanced. The defense action was enhanced to make up for the low HP of the black mage. He restrained this with a nasty debuff, survived persistently to get rid of it, and turned into a very troublesome job when turned into an enemy.

Perhaps because of the irritating results of a bad aftertaste, “Debuff is pickled and is defeated without anything,” after the patch release, the official forums and the like say, “Isn’t it too much to strengthen the black mage?” Opinions erupted. More than 200 posts are now gathered for the thread that requests the weakness of the black mage posted on the forum on May 24.

According to Topics, the strengthening of the black mage is adjusted in light of the winning rate and usage of all jobs. As of May 6, the black mage has recorded the minimum winning rate in all ranks as of May 6, the deadline for adjusting the implementation of patch 6.11a, which was about 14 % lower than the highest winning job. That’s it. Therefore, it was judged that it was necessary to enhance, and the above-mentioned adjustment was implemented in the patch 6.11a. However, Yoshida himself continued to appear on the battlefield of Crystal Conflict after May 7, and checked the contents of the black mage’s job with his own hands. It seems that there was such a reason that Mr. Yoshida’s sightings were continuously at Crystal Conflict (related article) (related article).

It was commented that the strengthening of the black mage was “overkill” as a result of reviewing again based on checks by Mr. Yoshida. The heavy effects and paradox charging actions added to the night wing will be returned to patch 6.11. In addition, the damage reduction effect during the limit break seems to be weakened. Patch 6.15, including the re-adjustment of the black mage, is scheduled to be released on June 7.

Topics also mention the balance adjustment in the existing PVP content “Frontline”. In the “front line”, which is an existing large number of PVP, the PVP action is adjusted to the “Crystal Conflict”, which is a small number of PVP, and it is a very “large taste” experience in large numbers. It had been. Unlike “Crystal Conflict”, which is impossible to participate in the same job in the party, the “front line” allows you to adopt your favorite job. Also, since the rules themselves are completely different, the use of the limit break, which is a powerful mystery of each job, also changes. The current “front line” has become a somewhat lacking strategic game that gives a big trick with a specific job and wipes out enemies. In the future, in the “front line”, the frequency of use of the limit break will be adjusted for each job, and the frequency of use of the limit break will be adjusted. These seem to gradually respond to patch 6.18 or later.

“Crystal Conflict” is a small PVP of “FF14”, which was rough due to the “super enhancement” of the black mage. The fact that this content has been roughed due to adjustments may have a significant effect of many players enjoying the match since the release of patch 6.1. In addition, since Mr. Yoshida, the producer and director, loves the black mage, there are aspects that some players felt that “I was patronized and enhanced by Mr. Yoshida.” Maybe. The “FF14” patch 6.15, including the re-adjustment of the black mage, will be released on June 7. Please read the full text of Topics here.

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