Clean the contaminated island, Merge Kungya Island Pre -booking

Netmarble will start a pre-booking pre-booking ‘Money Kungya Island’ on the 30th of the world’s Google Play and Apple App Store and its official website.

Merge Kungya Island is a Merge genre game based on Netmarble’s representative IP ‘Kungya’. It is a manner genre that combines three objects to create a higher object, and can collect resources and kungya to create and grow your own island.

In particular, it delivers a message about environmental protection through the play of making a contaminated island new with Kungya. It is also characterized by the fact that it is connected to the game characteristics, easy operation, and the animation ‘Kungya’, which is being serialized on YouTube.

Pre-booking will be held on Merge Kungya Island’s official website and Google Play and Apple App Store. Participants will be given 100 characters ‘Rice Ball Kungya’ and 100 Gem (Game Goods).

Kungya is a character with the theme of vegetables, fruits, and rice balls. In 2003, it appeared in various games such as online game vegetables, Kungya Adventure, and Kungya Catch Mind Mobile. Netmarble is expanding the IP area by launching animations, toys, and goods as a new character for Kungya 20th anniversary.

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