My Little Chef Producer Grampus attracts investment worth 10 billion won

Global Multi-Platform Game Perth announced on the 30th that it has successfully invested a total of 10 billion won in capital and Series B through accelerators and investors such as GX and Kaura.

Gram Perth is developing and servicing domestic ‘My Little Chef’ and Global Cooking Adventure. The company combines the Medici Investment Free-Series A investment in 2015, the 2018 Smilegate Investment and the Daekyo Investment Series A, and the one-store last year and the 2.5 billion won bridges investments of COMTS. I explained that it was secured.

Through this investment and capital raising, Gram Perth predicts that it will produce high speeds for new development and advertising and commerce-based meta buses. Currently, Gram Perth is under development in cooperation with Hive, a casual simulation-based casual simulation game based on BTS intellectual property.

Kim Ji-in, CEO of Grampus, said, “We are a game and media-based development startup that has been established in 2014 in Seoul and has been a long experience and outstanding results for nine years.” As we have secured growth bridgeheads as a media platform by attracting investment and capital, we will make more active efforts to create many casual fandoms in the global market based on new development and new services to be released later. ”

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