Darkest Dungeon 2 will come out of early access in February 2023

The developer Red Hook Studios has released a new blog, in which he shared further plans to support the gloomy RPG rogalik Darkest Dungeon 2 and announced the date of its exit from the early access. The full release of the sequel will take place in February 2023 on a PC (Steam and EGS), and later on consoles.

The latest update The Shroud of the Deep, released on May 18, brought a bunch of new content, mechanic and Quality-OF-Life improvements to the game. Further, the developer team plans to improve artifacts and add the third heroic path.

Early view of early access Darkest Dungeon 2

Following this, she is going to strengthen the fraction of the cultists with new mini-bosses and location-Dom, as well as present a new progress system along with a new hero and the third act.


But this is not all: the developers have many more plans for improvement and additional content that they are going to implement before the release of the version of the game 1.0. Those who wish can familiarize themselves in more detail with all future changes in their last blog.

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