The Callisto Procedure plays Dead Area duplicates in a new trailer


The video game is still set up for December 2, on PC, PS5 and also Xbox Collection.

Considering that it is recalled, we locate ahead of the Studio Striking Distance Glen Schofield, who created the certificate Dead Room at EA. And also that this brand-new title will place us in the shoes of a prisoner on among the moons of Jupiter, when he will certainly have to deal with for his life in the face of the surge of an epidemic. We allow you judge on item of the level of resemblance between the Callisto Method as well as the series of Visceral Games. However between the positioning of the video camera, the lifestyle incorporated into the hero’s combination, the truth that the last is not especially a competitor or that he uses a gravity tool which furiously recalls thecutter plasmaof dead area , we must admit that it ends up being challenging to camouflage.


Returning during the Kick-Off of the Summer Game Fest after appearing at Sony a couple of days earlier, The Callisto Protocol offered himself a little bit greater than two thirty of a brand-new series ofGameplaywhich continues to recall its DNA.

The Callisto Protocol-Trailer of gameplay on computer, PS5 and Xbox Collection

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