Cycle: location of printed boards Frontier

There will always be one subject that we considered insignificant during robbery, but in the end we regret that we did not choose enough, and that is why this leadership exists. This leadership will emphasize the importance of printed circuit boards in The Cycle: Frontier, and also mention all the places where you can find printed circuit boards.

Along with tons and tons of objects, the printed circuit board is another of the items that can be obtained in The Cycle: Frontier. The printed circuit board can be re-profile to make new elements more useful that will help you in your endeavors. Each printed circuit board weighs 7 kg, and each stack contains 10 printed circuit boards.

Cycle: The location of the Frontier printed circuit board

Printing boards are present throughout the card and are mainly in one of the three different containers for production, which are mentioned below.

  • Baggage

* Briefcase
* Hidden cache

It can also be found in other containers, but three of the above have the greatest probability of falling printed circuit boards among containers of any other type. Of the luggage containers, you can get printed circuit boards with a probability of 6–9%, and from the portfolio-3.5–5%.

Although the probability of falling out of containers is the same for both Cresscent Falls and The Bright Sands, the number of Renaissance for Cresscent Falls is higher than for the Bright Sands card, so this is the perfect place for the farm.

The place of appearance of printed circuit boards on both cards is indicated below.

Cryscent Falls printed circuit boards

The crescent waterfall has more places for the appearance of resources in comparison with bright sands and a crescent waterfall, in three specific areas the highest concentration of baggage and portfolio, in which it is possible to keep a printed circuit board.

The areas include the administration of the spaceport, the green and thermal ponds in the jungle .

location of printed boards Bright Sands

On the map Bright Sands, although the speed of appearance may be lower, there are still many places with a large number of printed circuit boards waiting for you to get them. There are three areas with a relatively higher concentration of baggage and portfolio than in other areas.

The areas include base camp, a communications tower and a waterfall laboratory .

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