Open World Dinosaur Survival ARK II will be released in 2023. Famous actor Diesel rides a dinosaur

Studio Wildcard announced on June 13 that it will launch Ark II in 2023. Compatible platforms are PC and Xbox Series X | S.


ARK II is the sequel to the open world game ARK: Survival Evolved officially released in 2017. Previously, the release of 2022 was announced, but it seems to have been postponed to 2023. This work is a survival action game that lives a survival life set on a mysterious island inhabiting ancient creatures and monsters such as dinosaurs. The trailer, which was unveiled for the first time at The Game Awards 2020, was unveiled with primitive tribes fighting other tribes and dinosaurs, and also showed a meaningful image that could check something like Lost Technology.

In this trailer, a warrior played by actor Vin Diesel appeared. He was unveiled with a carnivorous dinosaur. He is a famous actor who plays the lead in the movie Wild Speed and is known for his fearless performance. Diesel himself is a core player in the ARK series and boasts thousands of hours of play time. I’m worried about what kind of success in ARK II.

ARK II will be released for PC and Xbox Series X | S in 2023.

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