The Last Instance of Benedict Fox: Stilsicheres Metroidvania mit Lovecraft

With The Last Case of Benedict Fox, a Metroidvania of the Polish studio Plot Twist was introduced on the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase. The experience focuses on a detective who deals with satanic forces.

Ori and the Lovecraft horror

With the assistance of his buddy’s skills, Benedict can discover the ideas of the recently deceased so as to get Message Mortem to a statement by the dead. Below emotions, trauma and also memories become physical forms. The Benedict usually intend to go straight to the leather.

The amazing style of the timeless metroid vanias reminds us a little of Ori and also the blind forest-gaart with a great deal of Lovecraft horror. Besides, the title-giving Benedict Fox has actually been connected with a demonic being considering that its birth.

metroidvania with challenges

According to the programmers, The Last Situation of Benedict Fox is meant to incorporate challenges, mazes as well as struggles and also thus offer an experience like from a single resource. The Metroidvania is arranged for PC and Xbox gaming consoles in 2023.

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