Steam version Alice Madness Returns is back in one day! There is no explanation from Valve

American Maggie reported that the STEAM version of the game Alice Madness Returns has been resumed.

The other day, this work stated on the Steam store page that sales were closed by Publisher requests. Maggie originally misunderstood that the person who played the role of shifting all the (Spicy Horse)) to a new (Mysterious) Steam account misunderstood that the game had already been shifted and I ordered all games shutdown. He explained what happened for.


Maggie seems to have occurred in the process of taking over since Spicy Horse, which was created by SPICY HORSE, closed the Shanghai Studio in 2016 and has set Mysterious as a business headquarters. After the discovery of the matter, he revealed that he was contacting (Steam’s support), but today he has successfully resumed sales at the store.

Mr. Maggie also revealed that the Spicy Horse game, which has been stopped due to the assortment of works such as Grimm, has not been resold, and the sale of Alice Madness Returns was suddenly resumed at the store. He says, There is no response from Steam support.

In addition, although it is the IP of the Alice Madness Returns that is worrisome, it seems that it is usually owned by the distributor Electronic Arts, but Mr. Maggie explains the Alice in the above-mentioned suspension. Including Madness Returns, I was planning to move to a new STEAM account.

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