Introducing Sonic Origins. Full of Sonic early series and treasured materials that make it easier to play beautifully and revive

Sega released Sonic Origins today on June 23. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and PS4/PS5/Nintendo Switch/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. This work is a digital remastered work with new modes and the like to four early works of the Sonic series. In this article, the contents of the game will be introduced based on the preview version provided by Sega.

Work Overview

Sonic Origins includes Sonic the Hedgehog (hereinafter Sonic), Sonic CD, Sonic 2, and Sonic 3 & Knuckles. All corresponding to the 16: 9 game screen, 60fps has been made. The game mode is a classic mode where you can enjoy the original version as it is. And anniversary mode/story mode/boss rash/mirroring mode/mission mode appears. In addition, it is equipped with a museum that is full of related materials so that enthusiasts growl, and ranking functions that compete with players around the world for stage clearing time.

The origin of Sonic that becomes easier to play and revives than **

The recorded title can be played in three modes: classic/anniversary/story according to your preference. Classic mode is a mode where you can almost enjoy the original version. Elements such as the 4: 3 game screen, the 10-minute time limit, and the continuation of the remaining machine remain. On the other hand, since all titles have a save function, it can be resumed from the stage that has been interrupted at any time.

Anniversary and story mode support the 16: 9 game screen. The benefits of the wide screen are large, and the feeling of sprinting is increasing. In addition, the time limit was abolished and the continuation was unlimited. Even players who are not good at action are much easier to play. In addition, in the special stage that maintains 50 rings on each stage, it can be continued if you miss chaos emeralds. In that case, consume coins. Coins can be obtained in the new mode described below and the same method as the remaining machine in the original version (such as earning 50,000 scores). The easier to arrange chaos emeralds, making it easier to reach hidden endings of each title.

In Sonic 3 & Knuckles, you can enjoy a mini game called Blue Sphere in the special stage, but this mini game is also available as an independent mode. The lock-on system in the mega drive version seems to be the same mode as when Sonic & Knuckles was attached to Sonic 1. By the way, there are about 26,000 variations on the Blue Sphere stage.

Intro/outro movie is added at the start and clearing of the game. High-quality new animations excite the story. The animation is PowerHouse Animation. Tyson Hesse, who has been working on opening and other animations at Sonic Mania, is also participating in the production. In addition, Sonic CD also contains a high-resolution movie in the original version.

In the story mode, title screens are cut, and four recording works can be played like a single work. Combined with unlimited continuation, it was a mode that would play for a long time. On the other hand, in classic/anniversary mode, Sonic/Tales/Knuckles can be selected as player characters (Nuckles cannot be used only for Sonic CD). When playing around, it is a good idea to change the character in this mode and play. By the way, in these two modes, the sound logo of the time is played at the time of startup, and you can listen to the nostalgic Seger.

New Challenge brought by 3 new modes **

Boss Rush aims to defeat all bosses of each title with 3 remaining machines and 0 rings. There are bosses that can pick up the ring during the battle, but basically they will die immediately if they are damaged. The strategy of clinging to one ring and surviving can not be used. As a result, it is quite a high difficulty mode, but there are actually missing roads. This is because this mode also has a save function, so it will leave save data up to the boss. Therefore, if you do not retry after the game over, the save will remain with the remaining machine 1. Of course, it is up to the player to use this. It would be nice to restart stoic.

The mirroring mode in which the stage turns left and right can be challenged by clearing either the classic/anniversary/story of each title. In this work, which is characterized by high-speed gameplay, the sense of capture has changed drastically due to left and right reversal. Even a familiar stage feels like a different thing. In particular, the Sonic CD, which is rich in stage gimmicks, enjoyed the fresh play that could not be relied on normal memories. It is also recommended for collecting chaos emeralds and playing with another character.

In the mission mode, we aim to achieve various challenges in the stage of each recorded title. Among them, a reconstructed stage also appeared. Tails and knuckle missions are also available on the first stage. There are 15 types of missions, 15 kinds of each title, all 60 types. An additional 11 types will be added by the additional content described below. Mission variations are very abundant. From a certain level of destroying a large number of enemies to those that make full use of tails and knuckles abilities. It is also interesting that the main part is focused on parts that are not very conscious. In some cases, a mission on the theme of Tales’s dog oysters appears.

Each title has an EX. boss mission for each. With the addition of obstacles to the area, you can enjoy a more nervous boss battle than the main story. By the way, from Sonic CD, the first boss has been super enhanced and appeared. Eggman and robots that move at an unusual speed are worth a look.

Sonic fan drooling, numerous treasured materials

At the museum, you can browse a number of treasured materials related to Sonic. Includes all materials, from domestic and overseas version instructions, setting materials for each title, and those that are too geeky, such as the cover of the Sega company report. It is said that some content was released for the first time this time.

In this mode, soundtracks can be played. The songs that can be played are included in the original version of the songs and many arrangement songs. It is also possible to form a playlist in these songs and play while browsing the materials. Classic music packs are sold as content that adds sound to the museum. A total of 73 songs can be added from Sonic Spin Ball, Kaotics and Sonic 3D Blast. The price is 400 yen including tax.

In addition, as another additional content, premium fan packs are on sale. This price is 400 yen including tax. In this additional content, the 11 kinds of difficult missions described above and decorative elements that color the menu are added. As for the mission, each title has a mission for Sonic/Tales/Knuckles (only Sonic CD for Sonic/Tales). All of them are missions that are not easy, just calling for the difficulties. To clear, you need to fully use specific actions such as Sonic’s spin dash and knuckles glide.

In addition, the addition of decorative elements that color each mode will be added in the additional content. On the island, which is the background of the main menu, familiar characters such as Sonic, Tales, and Eggman appear. In addition, a camera mode that allows you to observe the state of the island to every corner. There are also 10 types of letter boxes that fill both ends of the classic mode screen, so you can play on a lively screen according to your preference. Directions are also added during the sound playback in the museum.



Sonic Origins is a digital remaster of four works that are the origin of Sonic. Various new modes have been added, making it easier to play, and is full of exciting elements. With the strengthening of the graphics, the sprinting feeling that was unique is increasing. Above all, the deep game play while simple operation does not fade forever. Before the Sonic Frontier, which is newly used as an open zone game this winter, why not enjoy the origin of the series again (related article).

Sonic Origins is on sale for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and PS4/PS5/Nintendo Switch/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.

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