The next Alien movie is directed by Fede Alvarez-84

The Hollywood Reporter says the following alien movie is under construction.

The first alien and the pre-parts Prometheus and alien: Covenant directed Ridley Scott*continues to play in the patterns, albeit this time in the role of producer. The instructor was hired by Fede Alvarez ** is a great friend of alien and rumors have shown his idea to Scott for years back. Last year, however, the project finally got a decent veteran concession and the job has started to roll towards realization. According to the sources of The Hollywood Reportert, the film does not join directly into the earlier parts of the 1979 series.

Disney, who bought 20th century Fox, is awakening the Xenomorphs known to everyone to live on the television side. The series, which is still waiting for its official name, has been in the pre-production phase for over a year as the filming is expected to start next year.

Alien lives and is also doing well on the game side. At least aliens: Dark Descent team is under construction, though controlled by one player. Developed by Cold Iron Studios, ALiens: Fireteam Elite, in turn, was released last year. Eight years ago alien: Isolation still seems to be the most acclaimed game on the subject.

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