Water jumpers Punzel as well as Hentschel miss out on medal

The water jumpers Tina Punzel and also Lena Hentschel missed the hoped-for World Cup medal in integrated jumping from the three-meter board.
The Olympic thirds in this self-control of Tokyo 2021 took 4th area in the Duna Sector in Budapest on Sunday.
The 26-year-old Punzel and 21-year-old Hentschel received 282.99 points for her five dives.
The German duo lacked 11:13 factors for bronze and also Australians Maddison Keeney and Anabelle Smith.
As anticipated, gold safeguarded the Chinese Chang Yani as well as Chen Yiwen.
Silver won Rin Kaneto as well as Sayaka Mikami from Japan.
In the pre-fight in the morning, Punzel and also Hentschel were still 3rd.


The German leaping group finishes the first world championships after the end of the occupation of record European champ Patrick Hausding with a total amount of a podium.
At the beginning, Timo Barthel and also Lars Rüdiger had actually won bronze in synchronized leaping from the three-meter board.

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