Fort Knight popular professional player to cancel the contract with his organization FAZE CLAN. By using discriminatory words

On July 4, e-sports organization FAZE CLAN revealed that it had canceled the contract with Evan Barron, Cented, a Fort Night Prayer belonging to the organization. The reason is that the player was because he gave a hate speech. PC gamer etc. reported.

FAZE CLAN is an e-sports organization that has a professional team that works on the Call of Duty series, PUBG: BattleGrounds, and Fortnite, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. And Barron has been a FAZE CLAN since 2021 as a Fort Night Prayer. He is also a popular person in streaming on Twitch.

According to Faze Clan’s announcement tweet, the organization has been permanently canceled with Barron. The reason is the use of hate speech. In the tweet, Faze Clan emphasizes that it does not allow discriminatory words.

It seems that Barron’s reason for canceling the contract was a video that has been spread on SNS, such as Twitter the other day. The video is the content of the Twitch gameplay live by Hellfire, a Fort Night Prayer. Hellfire seemed to have been broadcasting a voice chat in Discord during the live commentary. The members who participated in the voice chat suddenly said, Your Nigar, and a discriminatory word for blacks. Twitch viewers also heard the words clearly. The main statement was Barron. According to PC Gamer, this video was recorded last year and spread on Twitter from around July 3 this year. He seemed to be controversial in the community. The next day, the FAZE CLAN was refused.

Following these punishments, Barron has posted an apology on Twitter cooperation service Twitlonger. He commented on the above statement, I shouldn’t have used such words. He tells him that his light action is ashamed. He also mentioned his recent behavior on SNS, and recalls that there were inappropriate actions, such as throwing messages in anger. The future trends have not been revealed.

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