Pierce the export market… Native robot, international standard ISO certification rush

Eugene Robot, a robot company, is exporting the logistics robot ‘Gocart 250’ to six European countries including Germany, Italy and Austria. Eugene Robot was certified as the international standard ‘ISO13482’ in mind before exporting the product in July last year. ISO13482 is a safety certification for mobile helper, body assistance and boarding robots created by the International Standardization Organization (ISO) in 2014. Gokat 250, which can be loaded up to 250kg, is currently being supplied to automation, logistics companies and hospitals in Europe.

An official of Eugene Robot said, In order to enter the European market, where safety standards are difficult, international certifications such as ISO13482 were essential.

As domestic companies enter the robot business, efforts to receive ISO international certification are growing.

This is because if ISO certification is received, it is advantageous for export by gaining trust in the safety and performance of robots depending on the type. As a result, the government also supports the support of public areas such as the Korea Robot Industry Promotion Agency and the National Technology Standards.

The Korea Robot Industry Promotion Agency supports overseas certifications such as ISO certification, US UL and China CCIC. The company recruited companies to support the cost and related procedures, and signed a cross-certification agreement to be mutually recognized in the US and China when the test passed in Korea.

Domestic companies are taking their first step toward ISO International Standard Certification. LG Electronics obtained ‘ISO13849-1’ certification last month as a mobile robot safety controller. The certified safety controller is used by the LG Chloribot series to stop driving by recognizing obstacles.

LG Electronics said, We will use the controller that has been certified by Chloe Subbot and Guidebot.

It also follows the movement of ISO certification in advance before commercialization of robot products. Samsung did not launch wearable pedestrian auxiliary robots (GEMS), but in 2020, ISO13482 was certified as a JEMS-HIP worn in a hip joint. Mando, an auto parts company, passed the ISO13482 safety test at the Korea Robot Industry Promotion Agency with Jaul driving patrol robot ‘Golie II’. Although Goli is not officially released and is not commercialized, it has been introduced as a customization ceremony for Gwanak-gu, Seoul.

Regarding exports and receiving international standard certification, an official of the Korea Robot Industry Promotion Agency explained, If we cannot sell home appliances in Korea, we cannot sell home appliances.. The domestic robot export status is increasing, and the export amount in 2020 is about 1.2 trillion won. This is a 4.5% increase from the previous year.

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