Real pot man appeared! Getting Over It Aim to clear the game while swinging a hammer in reality

Maximilian Knabe, a German streamer who runs the YouTube channel HandOfBlood, played Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy in a jar with a hammer with a motion controller and released a video of it.

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a challenger’s constant due to his unusual style and difficult game design, but he plays this work while becoming the main character’s pot man. It wasn’t just a cosplay, but a hammer with a motion controller was used to challenge the operation method that imitated the in-game movement.

According to the explanation in the video, the hammer used is made of rubber, and by moving it in a circular motion, the receiver reacts to the laser pointer on the head (of the hammer) and is reflected in the operation. Mr. Knabe struggled with the operation even though he received these explanations. However, he got the hang of the staff demonstrations and managed to get past the first tree.

Mr. Knabe’s challenge continues to be troubled and distressed, such as being attacked by flies during play, but please check the video for the last thing you care about.

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