Announced PlayStation Stars. Royality programs that can acquire points that can be used in PS Store, etc. and digital figures

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced a new royalty program PlayStation Stars on July 14. It is scheduled to start in the second half of this year, and users can participate for free.

If you become a member of PlayStation Stars, you can get benefits by participating in various campaigns and activities. For example, as a campaign, you will first acquire platinum trophy among the Monthly CHECK-Iin campaign, a tournament winner, a specific trophy, or a player in the same time z1. It seems that various clear conditions are scheduled to be implemented.


All members of PlayStation Stars have a chance to get royalty points. The details of the acquisition method are unknown, but PlayStation Plus subscribers can automatically earn points when purchasing on PS Store. Points can be used in the catalog and can be exchanged for PlayStation Network wallet balance and some PS Store products.

In addition, a new reward called Digital Collectable is also available. Collector is a digital representation of items that PlayStation fans can enjoy, such as figures of characters familiar with games and other entertainments and devices that tell the history of Sony’s innovation. Collector will be added from time to time, and rare things will appear.

Grace Chen, a SIE network advertising, license product, and royalty department, clarifies that the digital collection of PlayStation Stars is not NFT in an interview with the Washington Post overseas. The blockchain technology is not used, and members cannot trade or sell digital collectivations.

PlayStation Stars will start in the second half of this year. It is scheduled to start deploying to each country and region in step, and I would like to wait for a follow-up report on whether Japan is included in the first team.

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