How to unlock and complete Musounins world quest in Genshin Impact – Film Notes quest line

Mushounin is the second and final part of the Film Notes questline, which focuses on redeeming Xavier after failing to make a new film on the Yashiro Commission’s budget. On the advice of Rikuto Okazaki, he approaches scriptwriting in a new light and gives you and the actors another opportunity.

How to unlock Mushounin World Quest in Genshin Impact

After completing the task Brigade of the Outlander! Musounin’s local quest will automatically start. Like its predecessor, Mushonin is not part of the Inazuma reputation board, but is considered a world quest and will give you Primogems upon completion.

How to complete Musounin’s world quest in Genshin Impact

The quest begins with a gathering of actors after the group has dispersed. You can follow the quest markers to find Kohara in Kamisato Manor and Sasano in Rita. Once that’s done, head to Teahouse Komore and talk to Xavier to see the new scenario. This time you will play as a fictional character named Kurotani Seishimaru.

Mushonin Act I

In this segment, you need to quote the dialogue based on your lines in the script, which are written in blue. If you make a mistake, don’t worry as you can try again, but you’ll need to end up picking the right lines to complete this part.

Here are all your lines :

  • Will the dust settle before revenge is done?
  • Anyone eavesdropping outside, come in.
  • It was not your adoptive parents who died.
  • (Point left)

Once you have successfully spoken the correct dialogue in the first act, you can move on to the next part of the movie.

Musounin Act II

Change the game time to 18:00 to 20:00 and follow the quest marker to Nazuchi Beach. Be sure to bring a capable team with you, as you need to attack some of the Kairagis to convince them to play extras. After the battle, the battle scene for the movie will begin.

As in previous battles, you must stay in the recording area on the screen while completing the tasks listed in the left corner within a couple of minutes. In this part, all you have to do is step on three markers on the ground and defeat all Kairagi without leaving the footage frame. If you make a mistake, you can try again. Once this segment is ready, you will be prompted to start filming Act III.

Musounin Act III

Act III is the last part of the film and features three-part dialogue and a battle sequence. Change the game time to 18:00 to 20:00 the next day then follow the quest marker to a cliff on an islet east of Tenshukaku.

This act is divided into several scenes. As before, you will be shown the script and all your lines will be highlighted in blue. Here are all your lines for Scene I :


  • So he left.
    *I’m sorry I…

Once this is done, a prompt will appear about the fight against Wakayama Kojuuro. As always, make sure to stay within the frame of the recording. After the battle, the final dialogue sequence will begin.

Here are all your lines for Scene III:

  • I already said the same thing once.
  • I really like you, Machiko.

After that, return to the rock to regroup with the film crew. Xavier thanks you for the successful shooting that completed the world quest.

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