Mlb The Show 22 Update 12 Notes to Patch

The update for the MLB The Show 22 was released as the MLB All-Star game approaches. The update includes new music, changes in the appearance of the ALL-STAR player and various corrections. Here are all the changes included in the update 12 MLB The Show 22.

mlb the show 22, update 12, added content

  • Jukebox-added two songs ( dollar $ broke from the young giant andto run_ from Killer Mike with the participation of Young Thug)
  • Apost of the player’s image

* Weekly changes in player rating

mlb the show 22 update 12 changes in similarity with stars

Since the real All-Star MLB game is approaching, many of the new All-Star players received updates to their players. Some of these players received an increase in attributes in weekly updates after they were selected in the All-Star team. These are all players with updates likeness

  • Jazz numbering
  • William Contreras
  • Adam Duval
  • Santiago Espinal
  • Tai France
  • Vladimir Herrero Jr.
  • Spencer Straider
  • Densby Swoonson
  • Mike Traut
  • Three Turner

mlb the show 22, update 12, error corrections

NinTenso switch *-Fixed the problem with the release of the game in the Home Run Derby mode when switching to the portable Switch mode.
Cooperative -The game is fixed when one user turns off the controller and leaves the application.
Cooperative -Fixing the game when failing when choosing options in the user profile menu.

Full notes for the patch can be viewed at the MLB The Show website.

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