FF10 becomes Kabuki! Performed as New Kabuki Final Fantasy X in the spring of 2023

On July 19, 2022, it was announced that Square Enix’s masterpiece RPG Final Fantasy X will be a Japanese traditional performing arts Kabuki. The stage name New Kabuki Final Fantasy X will be performed in the spring of 2023 at the IHI Stage Around Tokyo (Toyosu).

This stage commemorates the 35th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series. Final Fantasy X was released on July 19, 2001, and on July 19, a memorable release date, the information was lifted.

Kikunosuke Onoe is in charge of the planning and production of the unprecedented Great Long Kabuki. Kikunosuke Onoe, who has created a new kabuki from his own projects and concepts such as Ninagawa Twelve Nights, Mahabarata Senki, and Nausicaa of the Wind Valley, has become Kabuki to challenge further heights. It is said to be a new Kabuki of a social gathering who was eager.

The venue, the IHI Stage Around Tokyo, has a stage that is deployed at all 360 degrees surrounding the surroundings, and a huge circular seating seat in the center, and the spectator seats on the huge tray rotate. The major feature is that you can enjoy unprecedented sensations and immersion feeling by combining video, music, etc. in a groundbreaking way.

The overwhelming video world of Final Fantasy X is immersed in the world view as it is, and with the presence and power of the IHI Stage Around Tokyo, sublimated the world, the world of Final Fantasy X, to the Sanalcand. It’s called.

The memorable first performers have a wide variety of appearances such as Kikunosuke Onoe, who are active in the drama Grand Maison Tokyo and Shitamachi Rocket, as well as Kabuki stage, and in recent years Virtual. × Shido Nakamura, who has been challenging new forms of Kabuki, such as Super Kabuki, which combines the world view of Kabuki, is a young actor who is expected to Kabuki, drama, musical, variety, etc., Matsuya Onoe, who has been active in various places, and a gorgeous face with Yajuro Bando, who is performing Tokimasa Hojo in the NHK taiga drama 13 people in Kamakura.

The script is Hiroyuki Yatsutsu, who has been working on many big hit dramas from a heartwarming human drama, such as the serial TV novel Ochoyan and Mitazono, a housekeeper. The co-production is a powerful tag called Kanaya Kahori, which has succeeded in the Dragon Quest His Live Spectacle Tour and B’z dome tour, and has been attracting attention in the industry for dynamic and delicate productions.

◆ Planning / Director Kikunosuke comment

The masterpiece game Final Fantasy X and Kabuki, a traditional performing arts of Japan, are integrated, and we want to make a new bridge that connects each other, so we planned New Kabuki Final Fantasy X.

The Kabuki performance at the IHI Stage Around Tokyo is the first challenge, but I cherished the shocking and impressive feeling when I played the game at the time of the release, and even those who love games have seen Kabuki. I would like to see those who do not have it. The video reflected on a huge screen of 8 meters high will color the stage, and you will be able to enjoy the immersive feeling as if you are in the world of Final Fantasy! This is a story that resonates with the heart that you want to see. Please come to the theater.

◆ Game Final Fantasy X Producer Yoshinori Kitase comments

When I first received this story, I was full of skepticism, No way, but I remember that Kikunosuke Onoe was directly conveyed his passionate thoughts. What kind of excitement will the collaboration between the last video game and Kabuki, a traditional Japanese performing arts, create a popular entertainment? The excitement will not stop from now on.

◆ New Kabuki Final Fantasy Performance Outline

  • Schedule: Spring 2023 (planned)


  • Venue: IHI Stage Around Tokyo (Toyosu)

  • Appearance (Objectory Omitted): Kurinosuke Onoe, Shido Nakamura, Matsuya Onoe, Ume Nakamura, Mantaro Nakamura, Yoneyoshi Nakamura, Nosuke Nakamura, Yoshitaro Uemura, Nobu Nakamura, Hikosaburo Bando, Yajuro Bando and others.

  • Production: TBS

◆ Story

A world spiral of death, where people live in a great threat Shin. The people are asking the Ebon Temple for their hearts, and the summoners believe in the teaching of the temple that says, The ultimate summon that is activated by life is the only way to defeat Shin. I go on a journey. Even in the ultimate summon, Shin did not die completely and revived after a certain period of time, but the time when Shin did not appear-the Nagi-bushi had a fleeting rest of the people’s hearts.

Yuna, a girl in the Viside Village, was one of the summoners who decided to bring Nagi nodes. The boy Tida, who met her from Zanalcand to Spira, accompanies Yuna as a guard to protect her summoner, despite her unknown world. The destruction of the subjugation squad to confront the Shin, the identity of Shin revealed, and the betrayal of the temple-the shocking events hit the Tiida many times, but they overcome it. Try to keep the story.

◆ What is Final Fantasy X…

Final Fantasy X was released as the 10th installment of the Final Fantasy series in 2001. Cumulative shipments and DL sales are one of the most popular works in the series (as of the end of September 2021). The painful story of a boy and a girl who confront the great threat Shin is drawn emotionally by adopting a facial animation that changes facial expressions according to the situation first adopted in the series, and the impressive story is now. It has been loved by many users.

New Kabuki Final Fantasy X will be performed in the spring of 2023 at the IHI Stage Around Tokyo (Toyosu).

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