Where to discover collar pecais in Red Dead Online

The collar pecais are tiny pigs found in the desert regions of the video game. They flee quickly and have a large observation variety (that is to state that they will probably see you as well as leave you prior to you do not Have actually seen in shrubs).

The day-to-day challenge forces players to kill and skin the animal, which, if it is done as well usually, will certainly anger Harriet. To prevent getting mad, lasso the animal and also kill it with the knife. For any reason, Harriet is not (yet) set to acknowledge that it killed his pals and will certainly salute you gently.

The collar pecais are usual in the desert. Anywhere in the south of the huge levels aura.

We found a couple of factors of look near the Coronado Sea and the Benedict pass.


Red Dead Online offers different day-to-day difficulties to gain meager quantities of gold daily. These obstacles run every 24-hour. They can be anything, varying from an area looking for a specific pet. One of these challenges is to skin a collar pecari.

These are not the only locations where the collar pecaries can be located, yet both are reputable frai areas.

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